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Archive for: October 2015

Candour Legal Team October 25, 2015

We owe the judges the courtesy of at least reading each judgment – Menaka Guruswamy on the #NJAC verdict

Bar & Bench’s Pallavi Saluja and Murali Krishnan speak with Menaka Guruswamy on the Constitution Bench’s decision striking down the 99th Constitutional Amendment and NJAC Act. In this free wheeling chat, Guruswamy talks about reactions to the judgment in mainstream media, political fears of the judiciary, the way forward, and much more. Bar & Bench: […]

Candour Legal Team October 25, 2015

Two new Ordinances – Commercial Courts Ordinance, and amendment to Arbitration & Conciliation Act

Anuj Agrawal & Aditya AK Less than a month before the winter session of Parliament is set to begin, the President of India promulgated two Ordinances with far-reaching implications for commercial law. Yesterday, the Arbitration and Conciliation Amendment Ordinance, and the Commercial Courts, Commercial Division and Commercial Appellate Division of High Courts Ordinance were promulgated. Once […]