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Archive for: October 2016

Candour Legal Team October 25, 2016

Mistreatment is the most common form of elderly abuse in India

The care and love, that your parents showcase upon you today, is not free. It is not yours to keep forever. You have to pay it back, to them, in their old age. This is the age when they won’t be able to help you financially, socially, mentally etc., and then it becomes your duty […]

Candour Legal Team October 12, 2016

Have you been fired without any notice? Hire Employment Lawyer

YOU ARE FIRED! – This is probably the most dreaded sentence in an employee’s life. No matter how much an employee hates his/her job, getting fired always makes the employee’s life difficult. At least, before getting fired, there was some extent of job safety. And what can makes getting fired is getting fired without any […]