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TThe Taxation practice comprises of two areas: Indirect Tax and Direct Tax. While Direct Tax is a Federal levy, Indirect Tax comprises of both Federal and State levies. Direct tax primarily comprise of income tax on individuals and corporate tax on companies. Indirect taxes are primarily levied on transactions relating to goods and services.
Our clients include domestic and international corporations including those operating in Export Oriented Units, Software Technology Parks, Free Trade Zones and Special Economic Zones. We have also advised a number of corporate firms on structuring of their operations to achieve tax efficiency and compliance.

ITIndirect Tax
Candour Legal advises clients across a wide spectrum of tax and regulatory laws including those related to excise, customs, service tax, value added tax / central sales tax and goods and service tax proposed to be introduced in India in the year 2010.
The Firm advises on various key issues like (i) Classification of goods under Excise & Customs Tariffs; (ii) Eligibility for various exemptions & concessions; (iii) Determining arm’s length price in case import transactions are between related group entities; (iv) Levy of anti-dumping and safeguards duties both for & against; (v) Availing of various export incentives under the Foreign Trade Policy; (vi) Liability for Service Tax under agreements entered with group or other service providers; and (vii) VAT implications on the supply chains.
We appear before diverse adjudicating authorities including Customs, Excise & Service Tax Appellate Tribunal (‘CESTAT’), State VAT Tribunals, the High Courts and the Supreme Court of India.

DTDirect Tax
The Firm advises clients on Income-tax including non-resident taxation and related exchange control issues.
The team has relevant experience and capability to advise on feasible India entry options, tax issues in respect of cross-border transactions including mitigation of permanent establishment exposure, tax efficient structuring of strategic foreign investment, choice of financial instruments, repatriation strategies, tax advice in respect of private equity funds, Indian sub-advisory offices and efficient use of international tax treaties. The team also assists the clients in addressing transfer pricing issues in case of cross border transactions with related parties.
We also advise on a variety of domestic tax aspects and effective litigation support in respect of tax matters.