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Clients speaks about Candour Legal


Meet our clients

“He (Manasvi) has tremendous litigation skills. I’ve never known another lawyer more prepared or focused. He has the ability to dissect a case much like a skilled surgeon, with absolute calm. Nothing seems to rattle this guy or distract him from his goal on a case, which of course, makes him extremely tough to beat. He’s also one of the most ethical lawyers I’ve ever know.”
Rajat Saraswat, Legal Dept., Au Financiers

I have worked with numerous advocates over the years in a wide range of situations and have found this firm to be one of the best to work with in many ways. No one looks forward to being involved in any law suits but having the right advocate that will look out for your best interest is what we all want. The communication is one of the factors that impressed me the most. When I called with questions I always recieved promt responses so I could take care of the matters at hand and move on with other business. I would recommend this firm for legal representation and would use them again myself.
Mukund Roy Amin

I recommend Candour Legal for young Entrepreneurs & Startups. No one understands our needs like they do. Best Law firm in every aspect, thank you for being there to understand our needs & requirements.
Vivek Singh, Founder & CEO., VentureXplore