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Candour Legal Team

Candour Legal Team May 24, 2024


Debt recovery services for businesses in India play a vital role in determining companies to recover outstanding debts from customers, clients, and other industries. These services are governed by a structured legal framework with several formal laws and regulations to facilitate efficient debt recovery procedures. The prominent cornerstone, which is the civil procedure code, serves […]

Candour Legal Team May 21, 2024


What is an e-commerce platform, and how does it operate? An e-commerce platform, also called e-commerce software, is an application that facilitates the buying and selling of products online. Businesses use e-commerce platforms to manage their websites and operate their sales and marketing functions. There are two basic models that e-commerce follows: Marketplace model—In the […]

Candour Legal Team May 20, 2024

Navigating ONDC: A Guide to Using ONDC for both Buyers and Sellers

Introduction: The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) has brought about a significant change in the e-commerce landscape in India. Unlike traditional marketplaces, ONDC promotes equity by facilitating direct connections between buyers and sellers through a variety of applications. This innovative open network offers businesses previously unheard-of opportunities and empowers consumers. This article aims to […]

Candour Legal Team May 16, 2024


The invention of social media was a revolution that humankind needed as the world was getting more global and homogenous. As people migrated more in search of opportunities and a better life, social media was the medium to stay connected with friends and family. The rise of social media was like a whirlwind. Platforms like […]

Candour Legal Team May 16, 2024

Cyberstalking and cybercrime: Legal and technological solutions

Cyberstalking entails using information and communications technology (ICT) to commit multiple deliberate acts to persistently harass, annoy, attack, threaten, frighten, and verbally abuse individuals. Perpetrators may directly engage in cyberstalking by employing methods such as emailing, instant messaging, calling, texting, or utilising other electronic communication channels to convey obscene, vulgar, and defamatory remarks and threats […]

Candour Legal Team May 15, 2024

Intellectual Property theft and infringement: Legal Strategies for protection.

Intellectual property is an essential concept in today’s world. It comprises creative and innovative artworks, books, images, videography, and symbolic representations. Protection of these assets is critical as it recognises the artist’s hard work and maintains healthy competition among the competitors. I.P. theft is a principal concern. With an increasing number of people coming on […]

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Candour Legal Team April 2, 2024

In-Depth Exploration of eSports Legal Frameworks in India | Candour Legal

In-Depth Exploration of eSports Legal Frameworks in India A Comprehensive Guide by Candour Legal Introduction The dynamic realm of eSports has rapidly ascended to prominence, resonating with audiences worldwide and garnering substantial economic and cultural traction. In India, this burgeoning sector has witnessed exponential growth, drawing attention to the nuanced legal frameworks required to govern […]

Candour Legal Team April 2, 2024

The Pivotal Role of RNG Certification in the Indian Gaming Sector

Candour Legal – Gaming and Betting Law Experts India gaming law firm, Betting legal advice India, Ahmedabad gaming lawyer, and more relevant keywords… In the rapidly evolving landscape of the Indian gaming industry, transparency, fairness, and trustworthiness stand as the bedrock principles ensuring player confidence and regulatory compliance. At Candour Legal, a premier gaming law […]

India Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023: A Compliance Guide for Businesses | Candour Legal

India Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023: Compliance Guidance by Candour Legal Deciphering the India Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023 for Business Compliance Unveil the essence of the India Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023 and understand its business implications with Candour Legal’s expert guidance. Act Applicability The DPDPA 2023 applies to all entities […]

Introduction to SME IPOs In India

SME IPOs are becoming increasingly popular in India, with many small and medium enterprises opting to go public. But what exactly is an SME IPO? And why should businesses consider listing on an SME exchange? In this blog post, we will dive into the world of SME IPOs, explore their benefits and discuss the process […]