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Have you been fired without any notice? Hire Employment Lawyer

Have you been fired without any notice? Hire Employment Lawyer

YOU ARE FIRED! – This is probably the most dreaded sentence in an employee’s life. No matter how much an employee hates his/her job, getting fired always makes the employee’s life difficult. At least, before getting fired, there was some extent of job safety. And what can makes getting fired is getting fired without any notice. This means that one minute you had a job, and in the next, you are unemployed.

There are two types of employees, ones who have a contract and will get a notice of pre decided days or weeks before they have to empty their seat. This gives them sense of security for some time and adequate time to find a new job. The other types of employees are called ‘at will employees’ meaning they can be fired at the will of the employer, without giving any notice, or severance, or proper reason. And this is legal to the extent that your employer is not firing you on the basis of discrimination of any kind. If yes, then this becomes a case of wrongful termination.

Then you may wonder, what is the remedy available to you if you belong to the latter category? You can hire an employment lawyer.

The function of the employment lawyer would be to access your situation and tell you the potential legal future it holds. When you first visit him, he will do the case evaluation. He will ask you questions like whether you had signed any contract or not, how much damage had occurred to you because of this termination, what was the reason given by your employer for wrongful termination etc. After knowing all this information, he will calculate how much you should claim as compensation and how much the court may provide.

But before filing the case on your behalf, he will ask you if you are open to outside settlement with your employer. If yes, then he will contact to the employer or his lawyer on your behalf asking for the settlement of the case. And if the employer agrees then time and money of both the parties is saved.

But if the employer refuses than you will have to file a lawsuit through your employment lawyer. He will start with gathering all the evidence, and will therefore ask you to submit required paperwork. Your lawyer will send your previous boss interrogatories, which are composed inquiries that must be replied under pledge by the business. Your lawyer will likewise send a composed demand for your previous boss to deliver pertinent reports. What’s more, your previous boss’ lawyer will send interrogatories and archive solicitations to you through your legal advisor. Your lawyer will help you answer the interrogatories and set up the records, and will analyze the majority of your previous boss’ answers and reports to discover confirm for your case.

Your previous boss’ lawyer will take your testimony and your lawyer will go to that affidavit to protect you. A statement is a meeting, under pledge. The attorney makes inquiries, and the witness must answer them. Under the watchful eye of your statement, your legal lawyer will help you get ready for the examination. Your lawyer will likewise take the affidavits of key witnesses, conceivably including your previous chief or supervisor, colleagues, HR directors, and others with data about your business and end. The proof revealed in the disclosure stage will empower your attorney to let you know how solid or powerless your case, depends on whether prove supporting your cases – or undermining them – turns up in revelation.

Hearing is done and the judge decides whether you are entitled to any compensation for not.

With the amendment and awareness of the harsh realities of the employment world, there has been a tremendous change in the rights of an employee which is way towards empowerment and justice. But another harsh reality is this that some employees tend to misuse this power to extract money from their previous employers. But that is the problem with almost everything in the world, everything has two sides.