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How Qureka Is Redefining The Ways Indians Are Learning While Gaming

How Qureka Is Redefining The Ways Indians Are Learning While Gaming

Born with the vision of creating a power packed combination of entertainment, learning and gamification, Qureka has established itself as the leading gaming app with an organic reach of more than 2.5 million downloads in less than a year. The engaging live quiz show game enables the user to compete against others on real time basis from 13 daily quizzes in multiple formats and from a diverse range of topics or categories. The multiple formats not only keeps the user engaged but also helps in braking monotony, making it more sticky and fun for users to play multiple times in a day. The great cash prizes & rewards along with the feature of on-the-go learning refines the user experience a step further. Today, an average user spends over 10 minutes per day on Qureka and the app has more than 3 lac Daily Active Users since 8 months of inception.

Qureka started as a 5-member team and has now expanded into a robust organization of more than 50 team players in the span of less than a year. The highly talented and experienced team has successfully maintained a consistent rating of 4.4 (Google Playstore) and strives to create a seamless and superlative Qureka experience each time.

The Indian digital gaming industry is rapidly growing and merging in with this international growth trajectory. India currently has more than 250 gaming development companies as compared to the mere 25 in 2010. Qureka, India’s gaming technology app is leading this space and redefining the category by taking it mainstream and offering an exceptional real-time online gaming experience.

Apurva Kumar (Left), Shalini Tewari (Right)

Apurva Kumar (Left), Shalini Tewari (Right)

Apurva Kumar, Co-Founder, Qureka shares, “With the rise of the digitally inclined India, we wanted to create a gaming platform which is mainstream and socially acceptable. We are looking at reaching the 5 million downloads mark by early next year. The live quiz show format of the game was designed for a highly engaging user experience and to expand the knowledge pool of the users. India is steadily entering the global digital gaming scene, creating a platform that is not restricted to only gamers and is inclusive of the masses is the key game changer. A 90% mobile penetration is expected in India by 2022, we aim to capture this growth and reach out to the next 500 million Indians through the premium version of the app – Qureka Pro. The technologically advanced version will be multilingual thus tapping into the wider spectrum of audience.”

Shalini Tewari, Co-Founder, Qureka believes, “A product that delivers on great engagement coupled with learning capacities is a clear winner. People perform their best when they are placed in a competitive environment, so we envisioned Qureka as a platform that mentally stimulates the audience and brings out the healthy competitive streak. On-the-go learning and great cash prizes are the add ons that further enhance the user experience and brings them back, wanting for more. Qureka has successfully revolutionized the live gaming space not only through its user intriguing features but also because of its seamless experience. The technologically innovative platform is one of the lowest data consuming apps in India, with no lag or buffering and each game consumes a mere 6 to 7 MB data. This fits in extremely well for an audience spread across metros, mini metros, tier 2 and tier 3 segments that uses budget smartphones with minimum memory and are habituated to micro spending and micro saving.”

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