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Navigating ONDC: A Guide to Using ONDC for both Buyers and Sellers

Navigating ONDC: A Guide to Using ONDC for both Buyers and Sellers

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The ecommerce has significantly grown in India, thanks to the LPG policy of 1991. When we talk about ONDC, unlike the traditional marketplaces, ONDC promotes equity by facilitating direct connections between buyers and sellers through a variety of applications. While the ONDC has brought simplicity in trading, it also brings a lot of grievances from the parties. Hence, it is essential to have a legal expertise by your side. At Candour legal, we are proud to be one of the leading law firms of Ahmedabad, India, providing legal remedies related to ONDC. Our team, led by Mr. Manasvi Thapar, is highly specialized in legal advices related to ONDC matters. We are a top law firm in Ahmedabad to handle critical and complex matters related to ONDC and recovery of money. The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) has brought about a significant change in the e-commerce landscape in India. This innovative open network offers businesses previously unheard-of opportunities and empowers consumers. This article aims to be a simple guide for users with illustrations on how to use and benefit from this platform.

ondc Steps to be followed by a savvy shopper:

Step 1: Download an ONDC-compliant application

Installing an application through Play or the Apple Store that facilitates ONDC integration is the first step towards becoming a buyer in the ONDC ecosystem. Popular app options include Digiit, Mystore, and Paytm.

Step 2: Explore and Discover

Once we have downloaded the app, try to explore the vast ONDC marketplace. We can look through various product categories, including the newest styles in fashion and everyday groceries. We can compare sellers, products, and prices using the open network, which gives us the ability to make well-informed decisions based on the extensive selection of options offered by both local and major brands.

Step 3: Making Informed Decisions

It’s important to make a wise decision while purchasing. ONDC ensures transparent pricing so we know exactly what we are paying for. Standardized return policies provide peace of mind, and customer reviews and ratings give valuable insights about product quality and how reliable our seller is. All of these facilities help us make the best choices.

Step 4: Check Out

Through the implementation of a uniform checkout process across all compatible apps, ONDC streamlines the shopping experience. As a result, we no longer need multiple accounts for different sellers. The transaction is safe and hassle-free; we can pay by using any of our preferred payment methods, whether it be UPI, digital wallets, or credit cards. Supporting Local businesses: The ONDC’s emphasis on assisting local businesses is one of its most notable attributes. Local sellers are given priority in relevant searches by the network, making it possible for us to find and buy distinctive, superior products from our local small enterprises and vendors. By doing this, we don’t just promote vocals for locals but also help support the expansion of small companies and the regional economy. Recommendations for Buyers: Always check the seller’s specific return and refund policy before purchasing. Look for details like acceptable reasons for return, restocking fees (if any), return window, and shipping instructions. If the seller’s policy is unclear, consider contacting them directly for clarification before making the purchase.


Step 1: Registration as a Seller

The registration process for business owners wishing to join ONDC is simple. To register your business, go to the ONDC seller portal and follow the instructions. The portal walks you through the prerequisites and paperwork needed to get started.

Step 2: Select a Seller Network Participant (SNP)

Seller Network Participants (SNPs) are crucial intermediaries that will help us integrate into the ONDC network. Collaborate with SNPs like Bizom or Digistreet to get help navigating the operational and technical facets of joining ONDC. These SNPs provide support for order management, cataloguing, and other areas.

Step 3: Catalog Your Products

Producing a visually appealing and detailed catalogue is critical. Try adding a crisp, high-resolution product photo, providing detailed product descriptions, and setting fair pricing. An up-to-date catalogue increases your online reputation and draws in more business.

Step 4: Manage Orders and Deliveries

A successful e-commerce business depends on efficient order management. The SNP platform is again in use, as it enables us to receive order notifications, track shipments, and handle inventory. Sellers should collaborate with trustworthy local logistics partners to guarantee prompt and effective delivery, which is vital for customer satisfaction.

Step 5: Provide a framework for Return and Refund

The ONDC platforms establish a standardized framework for returns and refunds that sellers must adhere to. This framework likely includes aspects like timelines for initiating a return, acceptable reasons for a return, and communication protocols. Specific Policies Reside with Sellers The website clarifies that individual sellers have the discretion to define their own return and refund policies within the broader framework set by ONDC. This means details like specific return windows, conditions for return acceptance, and restocking fees might vary between sellers. Transparency is key ONDC emphasizes that sellers must clearly communicate their return and refund policy to buyers. This information should be readily available on the product page or within the seller’s profile on the ONDC app being used. Dispute Resolution Mechanism The website mentions the “Issue and Grievance Framework” (https://ondc.org/faq/). While it doesn’t explicitly discuss returns and refunds, it suggests a mechanism exists for buyers to escalate issues with sellers if the return or refund process is not handled according to ONDC guidelines. Attract New Customers: ONDC provides access to a broad and varied customer base, which is made possible by ONDC. You can reach the customer base, which is made possible by ONDC. By listing our products on this network, we can reach customers far beyond our immediate geographic location. With a wider audience, we can compete based on the quality of products and customer service, not the limitations of traditional e-commerce platforms.


India’s e-commerce landscape is becoming more democratic and inclusive thanks to the ONDC revolution. As consumers, we can enjoy a simplified shopping experience, support small businesses in our community, and embrace our freedom of choice. As a seller, we can reach a larger market, save expenses associated with running our business, and prosper by relying on the calibre of our goods and customer support. The future of online shopping in India is now available. Download an app that complies with the ONDC, set up an account, and get involved in the innovation that is going to change the face of the online shopping experience. If you’re looking for top legal consultants or top lawyers in Ahmedabad, join hands with Candour legal to get all legal remedies in a quick time. Candour legal is one of the best law firms in Ahmedabad providing top legal guidance regarding ONDC. Mr. Manasvi Thapar and his experienced attorneys have solved numerous cases regarding ONDC. We’re the exclusive advocates in Ahmedabad committed to provide our clients with easy, quick, practical and effective solutions in order to help protect their legal rights. Contact us @ 91-7228888745 to learn more about different solutions and legal protections that we can provide.